Thursday, 13 January 2011

January 12th & 13th


On Wednesday I was still freaking out about all the work I had to do and I was complaining that I hadn't spent any time socialising with my friends so I decided to go for a walk along the Southbank with the girl. We started at Covent Garden and she ended up taking me for dinner at a little Indian place around the corner from St Pauls to cheer me up. The food was really good but we ordered way too much and so ended up taking home numerous amounts of foil containers filled with left overs. It was a nice relaxing break from everything I have been doing all week and I'm pretty sure we walked about two miles around town.

Walking distance approx 2miles.


Today again I had a hectic day but I had to go into Angel to pick up some prints I needed... So keen to do more exercise than I usually would I walked down to Angel, picked up the prints and walked back... According to Google Maps that's a distance of 1.8 miles there and 1.8 miles back.

Walking distance 3.2 Miles

So that's a total of 5.2 miles I have walked more than I usually would over the last two days...

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